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ToA 2020 has begun!
We are off to an amazing start, with not even the first hour of the Tournament passing before we hit our initial charity fundraiser goal of $1,000. Let's see how high we can get it! Click the Wildlife Warriors Charity button on the menubar to be taken to the fundraiser.
The Tournament of Ages 2019 Trailer

The Tournament of Ages is an annual competition at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Northrend. Representatives from the Grand Alliance and New Horde are invited to participate in a week-long festival celebrating the spirit of competition.
[Staff] Tendael / Aug 11, 2019
A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who made ToA 2019 possible! You are the true heroes of the tournament!

• Adroby: Carpball Shoutcaster/Referee
• Afina: Twitter Manager & Sparring Referee
• Aleixandre: PVP Referee
• Alphariana: Pet Battle Referee
• Arianiie: Sword Curator
• Aubrey: Medical Supervisor
• Berenal: WC3 Shoutcaster/Referee
• Birb: Graphical Assets
• Corinth: Sparring Referee
• Erilihn: Sword Curator
• Felthier: WC3 Shoutcaster/Referee
• Firion: Jousting Referee
• Gabin: PVP Shoutcaster/Referee
• Galdraevia: Art Auctioneer
• Gallus: Sparring Referee
• Kane: Carpball Shoutcaster/Referee
• Kim: Twitch Hostress
• Migisia: Tumblr Manager
• Mirchea: Sparring Referee
• Nathul: Hearthstone Shoutcaster/Referee
• Nick: PVP Referee
• Noah: Carpball Referee
• Oliviaxi: Hearthstone Referee
• Reggad: PVP Referee
• Saeil: Date Auctioneer
• Selysona: Date Auctioneer & Wonderlight Ball Manager
• Shin: Security Supervisor
• Skott: Racing Referee
• Tilliea: Twitch Hostess
• Vince: Date Auctioneer
• Wisp: Sparring Referee

• Maxen
• Luneth
• Seneryn
• Firioniel
• Murloc
• Vince
• Odron
• Shin
• Mirchea
• Llewellyn
• Merable
• Kyoshe
• Sibelius
• Tukato
• Dartanroe

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