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Photograph Winners

[Staff] Tendael / Jun 20, 2016
We'd like to thank everyone for submitting entries for the Photo Contest. There were many amazing photos taken of the tournament, and selecting just three of them to showcase was incredibly hard! Here they are...

3rd Place: Racing HYPE
Credit: Hizari

Racers from both factions line up with their hearts set on winning the grand prize. The anticipation in this image is incredible!

2nd Place: ToA 2016B
Credit: Drannon

This photo taken at the end of the tournament does a beautiful job of capturing the spirit of the event and the staggering amount of people who showed up to congratulate the winners.

1st Place: Happy Customers
Credit: Perwinn/Glimi

This simple photo of two friends enjoying the tournament is a hallmark of what this event is about: friendships and fun.

Congratulations to the winners!


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