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Visitor's Guide

[Staff] Tendael / Aug 05, 2017
Please read!

  • /join ToA This channel will be used for communication!
  • Join Discord Our Discord server will be the main hub for announcements, cross-faction communication, help, and more! The Discord link will be shared after the opening ceremony in the ToA channel!
  • Check the schedule Please look at the schedule to find out when your events are. If you're not online for your event, you might be skipped! If you're already competing for an event and you're called up for another one, the referee should wait for you to finish what you're doing.
  • Check the brackets Event brackets will be posted on the website forums under the "Competitions" section. If your name isn't on the list and it should be, check the event link to find out who the referee is and let them know!
  • Browse the booths There's a ton of fun you can have just by visiting the 26 booths! Pay attention to any announcements for games, prize drawings, performances, and more!
  • Take screenshots The best screenshots to be posted on this website will be selected for a special prize!
Have fun!



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