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Tournament of Ages 2017 Winners!

[Staff] Tendael / Aug 12, 2017
Jousting 1st - Rennae (A)
Jousting 2nd - Derenthar (A)
Jousting 3rd - Thanidiel (H)
Dueling (Warrior) - Kenther (H)
Dueling (Hunter) - Ghostly (A)
Dueling (Shaman) - Piril (A)
Dueling (Druid) - Snuffly (A)
Dueling (Paladin) - Jeuit (H)
Dueling (Mage) - Theadrel (A)
Dueling (Monk) - Karanyi (A)
Dueling (Priest) - Glycérine (A)
Dueling (Death Knight) - Komache (A)
Dueling (Demon Hunter) - Myraenes (A)
Dueling (Rogue) - Reggad (A)
Dueling (Warlock) - Drinaki (H)
Dueling (Championship) - Jeiut (H)
Arena - Kenther, Drinaki, Sgtheals (H)
Sparring (Vigor) - Shaveelir (A)
Sparring (Will) - Gariam (A)
Sparring (Rancor) - Khaladia (H)
Sparring (Championship) - Gariam (A)
Sparring (Team) - Selysona, Eriithaenn, Cyrolar (H)
Hearthstone 1st - Zalgrand (A)
Hearthstone 2nd - Petalgrace (H)
Hearthstone 3rd - Thamondiir (A)
Pet Battles 1st - Alphariana (A)
Pet Battles 2nd - Strongest (A)
Pet Battles 3rd - Zalgrand (A)
Racing 1st - Yangxiolong (A)
Racing 2nd - Bluie (A)
Racing 3rd - Alanise (A)
Rhyme Battle - Kegstander (A)
Crashin' Coliseum - Aedien (H)
Sledding - Rennae, Wynnitiah (A)
Marmot Ball 1st - Dominion Dragonhawks (H)
Marmot Ball 2nd - The Blue Lions (A)
Marmot Ball 3rd - The Valorballers (A)
Drinking Contest - Bellannie (A)
Sword in the Skull - Danarshi (A)
Booth Award (Fun) - The Citrine Eagle
Booth Award (Creativity) - The Stormwind Guard
Booth Award (Spirit) - Te Amun
Photograph Award 1st - Isarith (D20 Sparring Half-Time Show!)
Photograph Award 2nd - Atles (Guard Booth #2)
Photograph Award 3rd - Alanise (Dragon Heads)
Costume Award (Style) - Moonedel
Costume Award (Silly) - Liongrave Company
Costume Award (Parody) - Goredoom


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