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[Staff] Tendael / Aug 05, 2017
Please read!

  • /join ToA This channel will be used for communication!
  • Join Discord Our Discord server will be the main hub for announcements, cross-faction communication, help, and more! The Discord link will be shared after the opening ceremony in the ToA channel!
  • Check the schedule Please look at the schedule to find out when your events are. If you're not online for your event, you might be skipped! If you're already competing for an event and you're called up for another one, the referee should wait for you to finish what you're doing.
  • Check the brackets Event brackets will be posted on the website forums under the "Competitions" section. If your name isn't on the list and it should be, check the event link to find out who the referee is and let them know!
  • Browse the booths There's a ton of fun you can have just by visiting the 26 booths! Pay attention to any announcements for games, prize drawings, performances, and more!
  • Take screenshots The best screenshots to be posted on this website will be selected for a special prize!
Have fun!

[Staff] Tendael / Jul 09, 2017

Third Place: 25,000
Second Place: 50,000
First Place: 100,000 ; $150 in commissioned artwork*; Personal Crest by Maxen
*Winner must choose from a list of approved artists


Warrior 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Warrior's Champion Ring
Hunter 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Hunter's Champion Ring
Shaman 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Shaman's Champion Ring
Druid 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Druid's Champion Ring
Paladin 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Paladin's Champion Ring
Mage 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Mage's Champion Ring
Monk 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Monk's Champion Ring
Priest 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Priest's Champion Ring
Death Knight 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Death Knight's Champion Ring
Demon Hunter 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Demon Hunter's Champion Ring
Rogue 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Rogue's Champion Ring
Warlock 1st: 50,000 gold; $20 in Commissioned Art*; Warlock's Champion Ring
Championship 1st: 100,000 gold; Personal Crest by Maxen
*Artist will be pre-selected


Vigor: $10 in Commissioned Art; 25,000 gold, Personal Crest by Maxen; Stained Glass by Honorem
Will: $10 in Commissioned Art; 25,000 gold, Personal Crest by Maxen; Stained Glass by Honorem
Rancor: $10 in Commissioned Art; 25,000 gold, Personal Crest by Maxen; Stained Glass by Honorem
Championship: 100,000 gold; $15 Blizzard Store Helm; Stained Glass by Honorem
Team: 75,000 gold; Stained Glass by Honorem


First Place: 75,000


Third Place: 25,000 ; Customized Hearthstone Card (with commissioned art)
Second Place: 50,000 ; Customized Hearthstone Card (with commissioned art)
First Place: 75,000 ; Hearthstone Pillow; Customized Hearthstone Card (with commissioned art); Personal Crest by Maxen


Pet Battles
Third Place: 10,000
Second Place: 15,000
First Place: 25,000 ; $10 Blizzard Store Pet; Wind Rider Cub & Gryphon Hatchling Plushies; Personal Crest by Maxen


Third: 10,000
Second Place: 15,000
First Place: 25,000 ; $25 Blizzard Store Mount; Personal Crest by Maxen


Booth Awards
Fun Award: 15,000
Creativity Award: 15,000
Spirit Award: 15,000


Marmot Ball
First Place: 90,000
Second Place: 30,000
Third Place: 12,000


Costume Awards
Style Award: 10,000
Silly Award: 10,000
Parody Award: 10,000


Rhyme Battles
First Place: 10,000


Crashin' Thrashin' Coliseum
First Place: 10,000 ; Geosynchronous World Spinner


Photograph Awards
Third Place: 10,000
Second Place: 15,000
First Place: 25,000


Drinking Contest
First Place: 10,000


First Place: 10,000 ; Steelbound Devourer
[Staff] Tendael / Jun 20, 2016
We'd like to thank everyone for submitting entries for the Photo Contest. There were many amazing photos taken of the tournament, and selecting just three of them to showcase was incredibly hard! Here they are...

3rd Place: Racing HYPE
Credit: Hizari

Racers from both factions line up with their hearts set on winning the grand prize. The anticipation in this image is incredible!

2nd Place: ToA 2016B
Credit: Drannon

This photo taken at the end of the tournament does a beautiful job of capturing the spirit of the event and the staggering amount of people who showed up to congratulate the winners.

1st Place: Happy Customers
Credit: Perwinn/Glimi

This simple photo of two friends enjoying the tournament is a hallmark of what this event is about: friendships and fun.

Congratulations to the winners!
[Staff] Tendael / Jun 19, 2016
Thank You

This year's tournament would not have been possible without the selfless effort of our staff, donors, and supporters. Leaders form the Alliance and Horde have invested countless hours, donated hundreds of thousands of gold, money, prize items, and so much more behind the scenes. We would like to recognize these individuals now.

  • Aedien - Racing Referee
  • Aeiia - Bet Battling Referee
  • Aeriyth - Hearthstone Referee, Livestream Hostess
  • Anashae - Judge, Wyrmrest Accord Liaison
  • Bakuzan - Cooking Contest Referee
  • Bjorn - Peacekeeper
  • Drannon - Racing Referee
  • Eplivik - Jousting Referee
  • Etutreehoof - Medical Tent
  • Feloirus - Dueling Referee
  • Foghas - Drinking Game Referee
  • Honorem - Graphics Designer
  • Kiani - Date Auction Hostess
  • Krazgarr - Sparring Referee
  • Lainnos - Pet Battling Referee
  • Lorlothen - Jousting Referee
  • Maethor - Sparring Referee, Date Auction Hostess
  • Nathul - Hearthstone Livestream Shoutcaster, Rhyme Battle Referee
  • Pyreen - Medical Tent
  • Raithios - Marmot Ball Referee
  • Rease - Peacekeeper
  • Reshnir - Rhyme Battle Referee
  • Serpico - Marmot Ball Referee
  • Shots - Dueling Referee
  • Slickmctash - Sledding Referee
  • Sylvael - Dueling Referee
  • Tiirs - Hearthstone Livestream Shoutcaster
  • Turwinkle - Interviewer, Judge
  • Zaria - Sledding Referee
  • All of the booth managers!

  • <The Argent Onslaught> - 420,000 gold
  • <Dominion of the Sun> - 210,500 gold
  • <The Highguard> - 207,500 gold
  • Bookertea - 200,000 gold
  • Ryin - 100,000 gold
  • <Te Amun> - 67,000 gold
  • <Dor Serrar> - 60,000 gold
  • <Citrine Eagle> - 50,000 gold
  • Drannon - 40,000 gold
  • Rhuua - 40,000 gold
  • Septicflesh - 20,000 gold
  • <Lion Ascending> - 15,000 gold
  • <The Ravenwood Company> - 10,000 gold
  • Feloirus - $100
  • Tendael - $100
  • Drannon - $50
  • <Thera na Shalla> - $50
  • Shots - $25
  • <Nor Kure> - $15
  • <Four Winds Trade Company> - $10
  • <Dor Serrar> - Nightsaber Cub
  • <The Highguard> - 10 Hearthstone Card Packs
  • Lillyiaz - Custom WMV Edited Portrait
  • Wisp - Full Body Commission

Last, but not least, all of the donors who contributed to raising $1,065 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation -
[Staff] Tendael / Jun 18, 2016
Final Words

The past seven days seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye. From the start of the Opening Ceremony which almost broke the server to the epic finale of the Championship, the Tournament of Ages has shown what happens when a community comes together. We, the staff, wish to thank every single person who attended this event (even the ones who could only attend one night). We've had a tremendous amount of fun putting this together, and we only hope you shared our enjoyment to the fullest.

Some people have asked just how big the Tournament of Ages really was, so without further ado, here's a glimpse of the stats:
  • Over 400 registered competitors
  • Over 100 represented guilds
  • 1,520,00 gold raised in prizes
  • $380 raised in prizes for commissioned art and Warcraft merchandise
  • Over 900,000 gold raised from Date Auctions towards prize raffles
  • 41 members of staff (not including booths)
  • 35 accumulated hours of scheduled events
  • ~27 gallons of consumed coffee

Just from looking at this list, you can start to see how much effort was put towards the tournament's success. One thing missing from this list, however, is perhaps the most important of them all: the money we managed to raise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to support kids in need. In the span of 7 days, we raised $1,045 for charity. To everyone who donated, thank you.

The next iteration of the Tournament of Ages will be tentatively scheduled for August of next year. On April 29, we'll be hosting an open Discord meeting for all to attend and contribute. Information on how to participate will be posted on this website. Until then, we wish all of you a happy experience on the World of Warcraft as we embark on Legion.

Until next time!

Official Winners of the Tournament of Ages 2016

Jousting (Gold) - Katelyn Omar (Katelynomar)
Jousting (Silver) - Lord Feloirus Firavel (Feloirus)
Jousting (Bronze) - Sister Dai Xiu (Daixíu)

Dueling (Warrior) - Sir Kavid Thorson (Kavid)
Dueling (Death Knight) - Sir Thanean Varenzo (Thane)
Dueling (Monk) - Calidian, the Amber Ascendant (Calidían)
Dueling (Paladin) - Lady Kayla Lioncrest (Lioncrest)
Dueling (Mage) - Taluciela Shar'adore (Taluciela)
Dueling (Priest) - Leah Blackmoore (Dork)
Dueling (Warlock) - Lady Aesa Malvine (Aesa)
Dueling (Hunter) - Jen Webster (Ghostlyz)
Dueling (Rogue) - Alexander 'Talon' Marogos (Marogos)
Dueling (Shaman) - Skyria (Skyreaver)
Dueling (Druid) - Nyanta Leafspinner (Nyantachan)

Dueling Championship (Gold) - Sir Thanean Varenzo (Thane)
Dueling Championship (Silver) - Beolrik Orcgrinder (Beolrik)
Dueling Championship (Bronze) - Leah Blackmoore (Dork)

Sparring (Wisdom) - Cleric Nethira Lightspring (Nethira)
Sparring (Grace) - Raaxi (Raaxine)
Sparring (Might) - Hadrian Blackwater (Draigofrost)

Sparring Championship - Hadrian Blackwater (Draigofrost)

Team Sparring (Gold) - Marogos, Nine, Mirthvale
Team Sparring (Silver) - Hyaskus, Jalcynter, Kyöki
Team Sparring (Bronze) - Berenal, Aryiaa, Enderlain

Arena - Aurathius, Sanrion, Xanadice

Hearthstone (Gold) - Leah Blackmoore (Dork)
Hearthstone (Silver) - Sethoril Dawnseeker (Sethoril)
Hearthstone (Bronze) - Sir Gathearis Tyrannith (Gathearis)

Pet Battling (Gold) - Caldeir Icefeather (Caldeir)
Pet Battling (Silver) - Ra'ziel Kal'thoris (Râziêl)
Pet Battling (Bronze) - Zaerran Brightflare (Zaerran)

Racing (Gold) - Nicalahad Dawnheart (Nicalahad)
Racing (Silver) - Zaziria of the Drakkari Tribe (Zaziria)
Racing (Bronze) - Bluwick Firegiz (Bluie)

Booth Awards (Fun) - Four Winds Trade Co
Booth Awards (Creativity) - Dominion of the Sun
Booth Awards (Spirit) - Succulent Tart
Booth Awards (Anashae's Secret Pick) - Citrine Eagle
Booth Awards (Turwinkle's Secret Pick) - Adytum

Marmot Ball - Dominion of the Sun

Costume Awards (Fashion) - Ysaria
Costume Awards (Formal) - Drannon
Costume Awards (Guild Uniform) - The Citrine Eagle

Rhyme Battles (Gold) - Luther

Crashin’ Coliseum - Kiraih Adumbra (Kiraih)

Photograph Awards (Gold) - To be determined
Photograph Awards (Silver) - To be determined
Photograph Awards (Bronze) - To be determined

Drinking Game - Merevyl (Turok)

Sledding - Kristala the Light of Dawn (Kristala)

Cooking - To be determined

Treasure Hunt - Karkand Porter (Karkand)

Stamp Book Prize Drawing - Merky Meckasteel (Merky)

[Staff] Tendael / Jun 16, 2016

One month ago we set a goal to raise $1,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation over the course of the Tournament of Ages. Last night, midway through the tournament, we exceeded our goal. A tremendous thanks to everyone involved with helping make this possible. It just goes to show that our community can and will accomplish great things when united behind a great cause.

You can still donate towards the goal by visiting our Twitch stream at

We hope everyone is enjoying the tournament!