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The Argent Crusade invites all factions to open booths within the tournament grounds so that they may sell wares, represent themselves, and provide entertainment to all tournament-goers during the Tournament of Ages. Booths are highly sought-after in the planning months of each tournament, and they often earn prestige and honor for their contributions to the tournament.

Each booth is labeled on this map, 1-23.
Click any of the booth links below to find out more!

Booth 1Booth 2Booth 3Booth 4Booth 5
Booth 6Booth 7Booth 8Booth 9Booth 10
Booth 11Booth 12Booth 13Booth 14Booth 15
Booth 16Booth 17Booth 18Booth 19Booth 20
Booth 21Booth 22Booth 23

Traveling Booths
In addition to these reserved booths, there are traveling booths which set up stands throughout the tournament grounds. You can explore these traveling booths in the Tournament of Ages Discord or on the Tournament of Ages Wiki!