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Booth 1: Blacktide Brethren
Booth 2: Te'Amun
Booth 3: Modan Co
Booth 4: Shadowtalon Company
Booth 5: Ravenwood
Booth 6: Pact
Booth 7: The Citrine Eagle
Booth 8: The Highguard
Booth 9: The Hand of Vengeance
Booth 10: Om Nom Noodles
Booth 11: The Valorborne Division
Booth 12: Tempest Born Company
Booth 13: Order of the Black Harvest
Booth 14: The Valenwood Enclave
Booth 15: The Stonewind Tribe
Booth 16: Steelwolf Clan
Booth 17: Briarheart Consortium
Booth 18: The Hundred Glaives and Dor'Serrar
Booth 19: Succulent Tart
Booth 20: The Stormwind Guard
Booth 21: Blades of Greymane
Booth 22: Dwarven Vanguard
Booth 23: Greyshields
Booth 24: The First Regiment
Booth 25: The Cobalt Wyvern
Booth 26: The Sunguard

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