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<Blackbriar Consortium>

<Te Amun>

<Hollowlight Ventures>

<The First Regiment>, <Aurum>

<Om Nom Noodles>

<Bladebane Industries>

<The Citrine Eagle>

<The Highguard, multi-guild High Elf community>

<The Hand of Vengeance>

<Black Harvest>

<Q’s Cosmetics>

<The Phantom Legion>

<Blades of Greymane>

<Dominion of the Sun>

<Stonewind Tribe>

<Ashblood Clan>


<Dor Serrar & Hundred Glaives>

<Succulent Tart>

<The Stormwind Guard>

<Magus Senate of Dalaran>

<Dwarven Vanguard>


<Knights of Ashfall>

<Stormwind Socialites>

<The Sunguard>