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Charity Art Auction

August 2nd, 8:30 PM - 10:30PM
Every year, many artists come together at the Tournament of Ages to both showcase their work and to give freely to charity. The Charity Art Auction is an opportunity for artists to sell artwork while giving a cut of their earnings directly to a charitable organization.

The charity organization selected for the 2020 Tournament of Ages Charity Art Auction is Wildlife Warriors Worldwide; originally called the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, it is a conservationist organisation that was established in 2002 by Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri Irwin, to involve and educate others in the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife. More recently, they've been focused on providing relief and aid to the species and habitats decimated during the Australian wildfires of February 2020, through the aid of their major sponsor the Australia Zoo. Wildlife Warriors in the United States is a branch of Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN: 30-0137313

  • Buyers must be in good standing with the Moon Guard RP community.
  • Artists who participate and put forward commissions in the Charity Art Auction must give at least 50% of all earnings to the designated charity organization. Artists may give more than 50%, but not less. If an artwork commission slot does not fetch more than the minimum $10, that $10 will all go to charity.
  • Buyers will need to send the mentioned 50% of what they would pay to the link provided towards the charity organization, take a screenshot of that transaction, and show it to the artist before that artist may begin work.
  • Artists do not have to be present at the art auction to participate, but are more than welcome to attend!
  • NSFW images are not permitted to be shown at the art auction, or purchased by buyers. This is a family friendly event. Artists are expected to deny any NSFW requests by buyers.
  • Artists must make known their own restrictions on art commissions before the auction. For example, not drawing animals, or machinery.
  • Artists must give an estimated "turnaround" time to complete any commission that is purchased at the art auction. They must communicate this with any potential buyers. If an artist is unable to complete any commission within their estimated turnaround time, they must contact the coordinators of the Tournament of Ages and the individual who bought their artwork so that new expectations may be set.
  • Artists are expected to give status updates on any artwork they are commissioned to do at least once a week to the individual who bought their artwork. Chronic failure to communicate with a buyer over the span of multiple weeks without good reason will result in being forbidden from future art auctions.
  • A role will be made in the Tournament of Ages Discord specifically for the art auction. The auction will be conducted respectfully in voice chat, where all bidders will be expected to have their microphones muted. Only those assisting the Art Auction Coordinator may speak. All bids must be posted in text in the designated art auction Discord channel.
  • Falsely bidding in the Charity Art Auction is punishable by ban from all future Tournament of Ages events.