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Rhyme Battles

Here is a contest of wordplay and wit,
to burn your opponent with rhymes that you spit.
The sharpest of tongues and the quickest of minds,
will rise to the top and leave tryhards behind.
So step up your game and try if you dare,
to be the last standing with lavish fanfare.

A rhyme battle is a timed game where two contestants try to upstage each other by delivering improvised poetry. The goal of the contest is to impress the audience by (playfully) mocking one's opponent with creative verses.

Performance Stage

Wednesday | 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

  • Competitors must be in good standing with the RP community.
  • No plagiarism or direct ripping of real-world songs with changed words.
  • After the bracket is formed, two rhymers will be called up at a time to issue their attacks in order, for three rounds.
  • Rhymers must bow once they are finished with their words during a round.
  • Rhymers must be good sports and not continue degrading one another after the rhyme battle is over.
  • Overly crude or vulgar rhyming will not win the day; it is clever puns and rhymes which will!

First Place:
  • 25,000
  • $15 in Commissioned Art*

*Winner must choose from a list of approved artists.