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Wonderlight Ball

On the last day of the Tournament of Ages, all are invited to dance and celebrate the champions of the tournament in a grand ball. Music, costume contests, and themed events end the Tournament of Ages with a bang! Whether alone or with a date, this event marks the end of a long week of revelry.

Storm Peaks

Saturday | 9:00PM - 12:00

Romance & Friendship Connection
  • Wear a Red or Pink rose if you are looking for romance.
  • Wear a White or Yellow rose if you are looking for friendship.
Costume Contest
  • This event is not cross-server so only Moon Guard can join.
  • This year's genres are Style, Battle and Comical! You may only sign up for one genre.
  • Please keep your costumes family-friendly.
  • Be ready to show it off to our judges! You will be given 30 seconds to show once called up before you will be removed from the line-up.
  • Prize for winning each genre is 50,000 gold!
Photo Booth
  • A photo booth will be available with a variety of artistic filters!
  • The booth will be open from 10pm to 11pm server
Special Dance
  • A special Song of Unity will be played to celebrate our community and the time of togetherness that is the Tournament.
Open Bar
  • Check out Blackbird Brewery's Wonderlight menu here!
  • Check out The Rose Garden's Wonderlight menu here!
Live Music DJ
  • Listen to DJ Vynix here!